Weighted Blankets – Several Sizes

  • Choose from a: 100% Cotton Blanket or a Minky SuperSoft Velvet Touch!

  • One of the most commonly-cited selling points of weighted blankets is their ability to reduce anxiety and calm their user. This is because weighted blankets have been shown to slow down and decrease nervous system activity while you sleep and your heart rate.

  • Regardless as to weather or not you suffer from anxiety, weighted blankets help their users fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and get a more restful night’s sleep.

  • In terms of the weight of the blanket the general rule of thumb is you want to purchase a weighted blanket that tips the scales at as close to 10% of your weight as possible.

  • Unfortunately, the popularity and efficacy of weighted blankets has prompted a number of unscrupulous outfits to attempt to cash-in on the trend with cheap, less-effective imitation offerings that can actually make it harder to sleep! Rest assured that we have done our extensive research on this subject and found these to be of a high quality, glass bead filled (as they should be) well made blankets.

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100% Cotton Blanket, Minky Soft Velvet Touch Blanket

Size & Weight

120cmx180cm 5.5kg, 120cm180cm 6.8kg, 150cmx200cm 4kg, 150cm200cm 6.8kg, 150cmx200cm 7.7kg, 150cmx200cm 9kg, 150cmx200cm 11.3kg