Here at Castle Beds we live and love beds, we breathe sleep and eat beds! It's what we do all day long so we know a little bit about them, from the manufacturing and materials used to what makes a good bed. That's why we don't sell carpets, we don't sell curtains, and we don't sell sofas like most other independents, we stick to one thing and do it well.

Due to strict franchise policies by big suppliers and manufacturers, we agree to not openly advertise brand names as we are discount and clearance retailers and the big boys don't want to undermine their RRP, however all brands and types can be seen here and in store. One thing's for sure you'll certainly be amazed at the savings we can offer on all products.

So check our Beds, Frames, Mattresses, and Headboards now!


Hi! Nice to meet you! This page is here because all websites have an 'about us' page, harping on about how good they are as a company, but...who cares??? Really? It should be all about you!!!

We want you to be lifelong customers and help us grow and continue to give good service, so we will try and treat you well!

So what kind of person are you? Well if you're buying from us, no doubt you are a suave and debonair type, good looking, ultra charming and have all the right moves on the dance floor, the ability to cope in all situations, and laugh in the face of adversity, successful in every decision you take and every move you make.

But seriously, you're an everyday likable person who hates getting poor service by big faceless companies, who is wise enough to know the value of the pound in your pocket and as such avoids being stitched up on the price of things by flashy ads and stuffed suits with interest-free credit etc. So what it's a clearance product? So what if its last seasons color? So what if it's got a tiny mark on it? A man on a flying horse wouldn't see it as he passed...the general message is - you like paying less....it's that simple. Guaranteed cheaper than any other supplier in the North West!!!

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